Board of Directors
Interim Board Chairman:  Lewie Davis
Secretary:  Mrs. Cathy O. Tuten
Treasurer:  Mrs. Libby Hull Malphrus
Mr. Darin Crosby 
Mrs. Christy Sutton-Tilton
Mr. Earl Pope          
PTO Representative to the Board
Mrs. Pam Vaigneur
Ex-Officio Member 
Mr. F.A. Nimmer, Jr.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors work diligently, without compensation, to ensure that the Academy operates on a sound financial foundation. The Board develops policies and long range plans for the school administration to implement. The day to day operation of the Academy is the responsibility of the School's Headmaster.

The Board has scheduled meetings each month with the exception of July and December at 6:30 p.m. in the school office.  Special meetings may be called when necessary.  The PTO President will attend the opening of each board meeting and update the board on the organization's activities and finances.  The PTO President will work closely with the Headmaster and discuss any concerns the PTO members may have.