Marilyn Davis, Head of School

Headmaster's Corner

Dear Parents,

Choosing a school for your child is a huge decision.  Why should you choose Thomas Heyward Academy?  I took a stroll down the high school hall and asked some of our students for their thoughts.  Here are just a few of the wonderful comments that I received:

“Teachers are helpful and nice.  They make you feel like you’re the only one in the class.”  Noah Marshall
“Students have respect for teachers.  Teachers have respect for students.  Students actually want to be here.”  Zoe Mitchell
“It is a large family.  Everybody is really nice.”  Zach Bond
“THA is a happy place.  I’ve never felt uncomfortable or unsafe here.”  Bailey Carson
“Everyone is accepting and willing to be your friend.”  Madison Cooler
“Educationally, it’s a strong school.”  Micayel Bennett
“Small class size makes it easier for teachers to individualize.”  Logan Chappell
“There are many opportunities for athletics and clubs.”  Tiffany Cooler
“People are very accepting here.  I’d even feel comfortable coming to school without my makeup.  The food is great too.”  Lexi Masters
“Everybody knows each other, which creates a nice atmosphere.”  Pablo Orozco
“THA has created opportunities for me that I didn’t have before – academically and athletically.”  Trey Shaffer
“It is like a big family because everyone is so close.”  Haylee Wade

Thomas Heyward Academy is a great investment in your child’s future!

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