Marilyn Davis, Head of School


Dear Parents,

Choosing a school for your child is a huge decision.  Why should you choose Thomas Heyward Academy?

1. We teach Responsibility and Perseverance!

• Challenging College Prep Curriculum
• SACS/AdvancEd Accreditation
• 100% College Acceptance for Class of 2017
• Over $1,354,000 in Scholarship Offers for Class of 2017
• Honors, Dual Credit, Strong Standardized Test Scores
• 23 Teams Competing in 11 Different Sports
• 83% of High School Students Participate in at Least One Sport
• 5 out of 33 (Class of ’17) Playing Sports at the College Level
• Outstanding Music Program Sponsored by Mrs. G’s Music Foundation
• Creative Arts Program

2.  We teach Respect, Compassion, and Integrity!

• Community Service, Environmental Field Trips
• Morning Devotions and Daily Pledge of Allegiance
• Family Atmosphere, Grandparents Day
• Multi-Grade Level Collaboration, Pep Rallies, Assemblies
• Veterans Day Program, Military and First Responders Honored
• Guidance Sessions, Advisors, Caring Teachers

3. We have a Culture of High Expectations!

• 47 Years of Academic and Athletic Excellence
• Over 1,800 Graduates – Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Judges, College Professors, Authors, Scientists, Mayor, Fire Chief, Architects, Clergy, Councilmen, Business Owners, Veterinarians, Law Officers, Military Officers, Tradesmen, Musicians, Engineers, Computer Techs, Farmers, Bankers, College Coaches, Accountants, Teachers,  …   Leaders!
• 44% of Faculty have Advanced Degrees, Ongoing Staff Development
• Small Classes Sizes, Low Student/Teacher Ratio
• 28 State Championships, 17 Runners Up
• 16 Acre Campus, Gym, Science Labs, Computer Labs, Library, Fine Arts Building, Cafeteria, Outdoor Pavilion/Learning Space, Large Sports Complex, Weight Rooms, After School Program, Gardens, Large Playground, Technology in Every Classroom

In the classroom, on the field or court, and in the community our students exhibit a spirit of teamwork, leadership, and strong character!
Thomas Heyward Academy is a great investment in your child’s future!

To schedule a visit, please call 843-726-3673.