Welcome to the Thomas Heyward Academy Art Department - Please select the Facebook icon to visit our class Facebook page.

THA students in grades K-4 through sixth, as well as juniors and seniors participate in the art program. Each grade learns about art through different avenues.

Our projects come from the following themes: 

K-4 –  Art through literature
K-5 – Art through literature
1st Grade – Art through literature
2nd Grade –  Art from Around the World
3rd Grade –  Famous Artists from the Western World
4th Grade –  Art through history, starting with pre-history
5th Grade –  Art through history - starting with Medieval Europe
6th Grade –  Art through history - art of the modern world

Students spend time drawing, painting and constructing.  We also have access to the art computer lab, where students can explore the art world online. As juniors, students return to the department to learn art appreciation, which combines art history, theory and studio design. Seniors have the option to sign up for Art II or Journalism/Marketing where they apply the design principles learned as juniors. The art program is fun and exciting. We get a chance to share our artwork with the community and participate in art shows. Please visit the Thomas Heyward Academy Art Department Facebook page.