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Community SErvice Form 2023 - 2024

Welcome to the Guidance Office at THA.  Our aim is to make this exciting time for our graduating seniors and their transitions to college run as smoothly as possible.  The Guidance Office provides resources, information, encouragement, and support as students move through the process of deciding what comes next as they prepare to graduate from high school.  Please use the links to the right for assistance in beginning your college planning.

‚ÄčThe role of the THA guidance staff is to help students acquire the skills, information, and attitudes that will enable them to have productive and satisfying lives.  THA provides guidance as each student seeks his or her own intellectual and personal maturity.

College counseling at THA is designed to be personal and individualized.  We begin working with rising 8th graders to help plan for their high school years.  We are here to assist, encourage, challenge, and support students as they set goals and make decisions.

At THA, our goal is to prepare our students for the real world, whether it be going off to college, in the military, or directly into the work force, we will be there every step of the way. 

High School Transcript Request Form:

Complete the form below to request a THA high school transcript. 
To release your transcript, we will need the following: 

  • Complete the following online form.  
  • Print the attached form and complete it. 
  • Email the completed form and a copy of your driver's license. 
  • Pay the $10.00  request fee. 

You will receive an email after you submit the online form.  Please pay the $10.00 fee by clicking the link in that email.  
The printed form and a copy of your driver's license can be emailed to 

High School Transcript Request Form