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Welcome to THA's Music Program! 

Our unique and exceptional music program is sponsored by Mrs. G's Music Foundation.  Students learn an appreciation for music in daily life and how to play and take care of specific musical instruments.  Students are exposed to vocals, drums, guitar, bass guitar, and ukuleles during class.  We have many events throughout the year to showcase our students talent in our Veterans Day Program, Christmas Program, Grandparent's Program, and Spring Concert.  

Through Mrs. G's Music Foundation, our talented music instructors have received further music training in programs such as Modern Band Summits-Little Kids Rock and The World Drumming Program.  Certifications in these cross-cultural and curricular programs provide enhanced collaboration and connection through music.

Mrs. G has generously donated recently to provide our music department with seven sound-proof practice rooms and a classroom performance stage!  Thank you so much, Mrs G!