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  Name Title Group Contact
Michele Bailey Bailey, Michele Rebel Overtime Director/K1
Tammy Bonds Bonds, Tammy Elementary Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Alfred Boni Boni, Alfred High School Sciences/Assistant Athletic Director
Denise Boyles Boyles, Denise 5th Grade, Junior Beta Club Sponsor
Bailey Brown Brown, Bailey
Trish Bryan Bryan, Trish K4
Sherry Carroll Carroll, Sherry Librarian/Reading Specialist/Testing Coordinator
Pamalia Cook Cook, Pamalia Guidance Counselor Assistant
Alicia Crosby Crosby, Alicia Art/Yearbook
Jessica Davis Davis, Jessica 1st Grade
Esther Gibson Gibson, Esther THA Cafe, Office Aide, Library
Laura Hansen Hansen, Laura 6th grade
Nancy Harper Harper, Nancy Administrative Assistant and Assistant Business Manager
Michael Heath Heath, Michael High School Social Studies
Benjamin Herod Herod, Benjamin Head of School
Kandi Hewlett Hewlett, Kandi PR/Marketing/Technology/Gateway to THA Director, Lower School Computer
Kate Lucas Lucas, Kate K5
Angie Malphrus Malphrus, Angie K2
Heidi Malphrus Malphrus, Heidi 3rd Grade
Alexander Marx Marx, Alexander High School English
Kim Michael Polote Michael Polote, Kim Music
Von Mingledorff Mingledorff, Von Receptionist/Event Coordinator
Veronica Mitchell Mitchell, Veronica K3 teacher
Nathan Polk Polk, Nathan Business Manager
Quin Rawls Rawls, Quin Music
Yailene Reyes Reyes, Yailene High School Honors Math
Vicky Roberts Roberts, Vicky 7th Grade/SAT Prep/Spelling Bee/Middle School Beta Club
Sharron Scott Scott, Sharron 2nd Grade
Brittany Shealy Shealy, Brittany Middle School Science/Biology
Nic Shuford Shuford, Nic Athletic Director
Emily Smith Smith, Emily K4
Kimberly Taylor Taylor, Kimberly Assistant Principal/Guidance
Kristen Thomas Thomas, Kristen Middle/High School Social Sciences
Chris Tillotson Tillotson, Chris High School College Prep Math
Amy Wade Wade, Amy Classroom Aide, Elementary/Middle/High School Physical Education
Iris Young Young, Iris High School Spanish