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Message from the A.D.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of the many athletic programs here at Thomas Heyward Academy.
We encourage participation in athletics because it provides our students with important lessons for life, such as teamwork, self-discipline, time management, courage, and fortitude.  Thomas Heyward Academy educates the whole person. Student-athletes grow and mature as individuals while being responsible to the team. They develop self-esteem and healthy lifestyles while learning to manage their emotions.
The opportunity for growth in all areas of life can be provided through practice and competition.

Our school has high standards in regard to sportsmanship and conduct.  We expect our student-athletes and coaches to uphold these standards at all times.  I would ask that you, as a spectator, reinforce these standards when you interact with the opposing teams, coaches, and contest officials.

The athletic department is grateful to our parents and members of the Thomas Heyward Academy Booster Club who provide unrelenting support, energy, and enthusiasm for our student-athletes.


Nic Shuford '01
Athletic Director
(843) 726-3673 ext. 2
(843) 441-0992